FEM { Functional. Evidence-Based. Movement }

“Because every woman, at every age, everywhere, has the
right to knowledge about her body as she evolves.”

Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me?

You deserve to never have to utter these words! When it comes to your pelvic health, I’m here to listen, no matter how embarrassing it may feel it is.  I’m the Dr.  that talks about poop, pee, gas, pain with sex, “this weird thing that happens when I do this” and all the things you didn’t know your body did throughout pregnancy.  Pelvic health doesn’t have to be a taboo subject and needs to be addressed to live the most fulfilling, joyful and productive lives we’ve imagined for ourselves.

FEM provides evidence based information to empower you with knowledge, guidelines, ideas, and brainstorming about every aspect of your health. We hope you find the [Functional. Evidence-Based. Movement] content that you need.

Not sure if pelvic health physical therapy is right for you? 

Check out the services page for a list of conditions I treat.

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