Do you have a strong pelvic floor but still leak?

You’ve done your kegels ✅, you do squats and lunges to assist your pelvic floor ✅; you’ve been told you have a strong pelvic floor contraction ✅ and may have even been discharged by a (not so thorough ❌) pelvic health PT.⁠⠀

💦 Now you are getting back to the stuff you love, running, jump roping, HITT style workouts and are leaking half-way through the activity. What gives?⁠⠀

🌿 These are exact questions I got last week from a follower and my follow up question was, “are you holding your kegel the whole time?” “Yes! The whole time!”⁠⠀

❗That’s the problem. See our deep stabilizers, including our pelvic floor, are neurologically destined to activate right before an increase in pressure. ⁠⠀

🌿 Yes, these muscles should have a low level of activation at all times (we can’t really feel that) but they should also increase in activation right before a high impact. That’s right, our magic 🦄 unicorn brain and bodies predict when there will be impact. ⁠⠀

🤦‍♀️ This reflexive action may be lost due to pregnancy, birth, injury or surgery. So we need to work on coordination! ⁠⠀

🌿 We need to train our brain and our muscles to re-coordinate when to activate and at the right amount to not leak but also not to fatigue.⁠⠀

Yes, there is a baseline level of strength needed to:⁠⠀

A. Support the bladder and ⁠⠀

B. Get full closure of the urethra ⁠

But often times women have no problem the first 20 jumps or 1.5 miles and then start to leak and think they just need to try harder! ⁠⠀

❗There are many other strength, postural and endurance factors that may be contributing, but we can only cover so much in one post!

🌿 Reach out for a consultation if you would like to troubleshoot this type of problem.⁠⠀

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