I’m so glad you’re here! I offer a variety of services both virtually and in-person. Take a look around to see how I can help you.

What I Treat

urinary leakage / incontinence • prenatal rehabilitation • postpartum rehabilitation • abdominal separation / diastasis recti • pelvic pressure & prolapse • pelvic girdle pain • pain with intercourse / dyspareunia • vulvodynia • vaginismus • painful bladder • gut & bowel health 

FEM Physical Therapy’s treatment philosophy: This is not a quick fix type of practice.  My goal is to not only offer relief but also find the root of the problem, the why behind your pain or dysfunction. I look from head to toe and use my skills as an orthopedic specialist and advanced education in pelvic health to put the puzzle pieces together to offer you lasting relief. This is more than just kegels and there is no hooking you up to a machine and calling it therapy. I work hard to find a method that works with you at the intersection of evidence and compassion.