Community Education

Exhausted from trying to decipher fact from fiction when it comes to pelvic health?  There is a lot of noise online for quick fixes, 3 step processes and 6 week programs to “get your body back,” stop leaking, or close your abdominal separation. It all depends. I’m here to provide you information, strategies and resources for you to make your own decisions.  

Whether it’s an hour of pelvic health basics for your prenatal class, a whole weekend in the gym teaching moms or a self-paced program, I pour my heart into providing facts and strategies without the BS. You deserve the most up to date evidence about your body, in a way that you can start to implement immediately.

In person: Want to bring an educational workshop to your gym, running group, yoga class or mom’s group? Previous classes have included:

  • Bump to baby – staying in the gym and returning safely after pregnancy
  • Feet as your foundation – women’s specific running considerations
  • Baby Bootcamp – one hour crash course in your pelvic floor during pregnancy and immediately postpartum
  • Pelvic Floor anatomy and function for exercises professionals

 Self-Paced Courses:

Coming Soon!