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“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
Anis Nin

Pro to Pro Consultation

I want to collaborate with you! I love learning from others and teaching pelvic health principles to anyone who works with women! My background is as an orthopedic certified specialist; level 1 certified prenatal yoga instructor and have worked with athletes from cyclist, cross fitters, runners, and gymnasts. Contact me for a group course or a professional to professional consultation.


“Laurel shows a great example of how to use knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics of the lower quadrant from the ortho/FEM perspective and combine it with understanding of pelvic floor dysfunction in order to more effectively treat pelvic floor muscle weakness, pelvic pain, etc. To me, her approach offers a new perspective on how a pelvic floor physical therapist can utilize their ortho skills within their women’s/men’s health specialty. Laurel pointed me in the direction of high-quality research, which can be useful for a pelvic health practitioner, as well as shared her treatment progression for return to running postpartum. She also demonstrated quite a few exercises that I can start utilizing in the clinic right away. It was a great pro-to-pro consult.”

Julia A., PT, DPT

“Collaboration between healthcare providers is vital to the progress and success of patients. I have had the pleasure of working with and learning from Laurel when sharing mutual patients and discussing various pelvic health topics and complex cases. Her non-judgemental approach and clarity with explanations allows for a very fluid discussion. What I love most is that I leave our sessions with specific ideas and suggestions of interventions and progressions for my patients that have made significant changes in my treatment approach. Dr. Proulx is an outstanding expert in her field and I plan to continue recommending her wellness and physical therapy services as well as mentorship to colleagues and friends who may need some help thinking outside the box.”

April D. PT, DPT

“This semester ended on a non-traditional note with all lectures and labs moving to a virtual format. Dr. Proulx continued to deliver exceptional instruction, despite the challenges that came with virtually presenting heavily tactile information to a very hands-on profession. I did not feel as though my educational experience was at all lacking in any aspect of Dr Proulx’s lectures and in fact I have been able to use her creativity as an example of how to better my own virtual telehealth practice. The information that Dr. PRoulx presented throughout the semester and the knowledge gained from her lectures and materials has served to greatly enhance my own professional physical therapy practice, and has provided me with multiple techniques and interventions to immediately and effectively apply within my practice.”

Dr. Becky A., Owner of Genesis PT

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